Does credit repair work?

Check out these recent credit repair examples from the creditors, collection agencies, and the credit bureaus that we've gotten for Omega Credit Repair clients!

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Need PROOF that credit repair works?



Equifax_1_2_18 Portfolio_Recovery_12_21_17 Cavalry_Portfolio_12_16_18 TransUnion_12_22_17a SourceRM_12_20_17 Equifax_1_15_18 Equifax_2_19_18 Amcol_1_24_18 Experian_12_31_17 Paramount_1_22_18 Cooper_1_16_18 Rentdebt_12_14_17 Equifax_1_18_18_a Experian_12_9_17 Experian_12_12_17 TransUnion_12_22_17 caine_and_weiner_12_29_17 Cavalry_Portfolio_12_21_17 TransUnion_1_18_18 Equifax_1_18_18