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Omega Credit Repair was originally formed in 2004, and very quickly became one of the most respected credit repair companies and recognizable brands in the entire country.

We have always been known for refusing to accept anything but the very best in the way of results while maintaining the highest possible standards in customer service, and becoming well known as a champion in the industry of credit repair and credit restoration.

Through recessions and booms, we've helped people from all walks of life regain control of their financial futures.

WHY the Omega Credit Repair Team

With decades of collective experience in dealing with consumer credit and finance, Omega Credit Repair has the best team that the credit repair industry can offer.  How to establish and maintain good credit is not a mystery. There is plenty of information out there about credit and credit scores.  OMEGA wants to make sure that you cut through the noise and get the information that you need to move forward.  This is not a one size fits all process.


Quite frankly, not everyone needs credit repair, some people just need some guidance.  That's where we fit in.  We offer a free consultation to review YOUR situation, and give you the tips, tools and techniques to establish and maintain your best credit.


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